World Speedriding Progression Camp!
Take it to the next Level- March 9th-23rd in Val Frejus, France
Better Instruction breeds better pilots

  The experience and knowledge of our instructors helps you learn and progress at a much faster pace. Not only that but you will emerge from your egg a much more informed and skilled pilot  
Speed Flying

Our instructors don't just teach it, they live it! We believe that passion fuels excellence! And we are passionate about flying! Learn alongside Top pro speed pilots and learn the tricks they know so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. We make learning Fun, Safe and interactive! Before you know it you will be shredding the mountain like a pro! And be sporting your USHPA M1 and M2 ratings.

Learn to soar like a bird. At our training facility students often double or triple flight times and numbers of other schools. Earn your Internationally recognized USHPA P2 License through us. Our instructors are rated and professional. 

Swooping, Freeflying or XRW we've got you covered! World class skydive coaches can take you from just off student status to world champion! Our instructors have competed at world class level skydiving for over 15 years. We do specialize in canopy flight, but also provide world class freefly coaching both in the sky and in the tunnel.

About Us
Phone: 720-363-3907
E-mail: speedflyschool@gmail.com
address: 255 E Soboba Rd
                San Jacinto, CA 92583
We are Southern California's premier Speedflying school. We offer the highest caliber of instruction, the very best facilities, and friendly staff that will make leaning to fly a pleasure.